The history of our association

We, Yaiza, Volker and Ricarda, got to know each other at a joint seminar with the Hampeq (healer) Vilma Pinedo Sanchez. At that time, the three of us had already been connected to the Andean tradition for many years, had completed various training courses in this wide-ranging teaching, visited the Andes and gained several years of practical experience. By practical experience, we don’t just mean the experience we have gained with our patients and clients in practice. Our private and professional lives have also changed.

In addition to the principle of Ayni (Qechua: balance/sharing – sacred principle of balance in giving and taking), there are other principles to raise awareness in daily life.

We speak of Yachay (power of thought), Munay (unconditional love placed under one’s own will) and Llankay (power of action). When these three principles find their place in our daily lives, awareness is strengthened in our actions, thoughts and feelings. Changes become possible and life flows in a balanced, harmonious direction.

Life no longer just happens to us, we become the designers of our lives.
Another phrase that is important to describe the tradition is “energy is alive and follows intention”. Tradition lives not only in the consciousness of visible energy and the material world. But also in the world of the energetic world, which is mostly invisible to us humans. This happens with great respect and gratitude for Mother Earth, Father Sun, towards the ancestors. Ultimately towards the entire universe. In the tradition, Pachamama encompasses not only our mother earth but also the entire universe, including space and time.

This short description of something big and whole is our engine to bring the bridge from the heart of tradition to you with the help of the rainbow.

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