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About us

Sometimes good things take time. In our case, it took 6 years for a wish to become reality. Three people have come together to bring this association to life. Our connection is the love for the Andean tradition, the wisdom teachings of the Andes, a path of the heart. And the bridge from heart to heart is the rainbow on which we walk.
The rainbow now stretches from Peru and Bolivia across Pachamama, our beloved Mother Earth, to many countries and cultures around the world. We all have years of experience of how and to what extent the teachings of the Andes can be used to bring harmony to life, because one of the main principles of the Andes is called Ayni (in Qechua sharing, exchange, harmony, balance).

The time has come to make the cultural and spiritual exchange between cultures accessible to people who are unable to travel to Peru or Bolivia.

We founded this association to make this a reality.

We invite indigenous healers to come and share their practical, therapeutic and spiritual knowledge, which has traditionally been passed down for many generations.

We would be delighted if you would like to support this endeavor with a membership, but non-members are also very welcome to experience new perspectives on life and help for self-help.

Take the first step, we are here for you!

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